Joliet 86 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Under the new contract, the starting salary of a teacher with a bachelor`s degree and no experience is $43,459. The new agreement applies retroactively to the beginning of this school year. View documents or email at the District Affairs Office in The new agreement is retroactive to the beginning of this school year. This bargaining unit employs approximately 293 people and consists of paraprofessional employees, secretarial and clerical staff, and nutritional advisory staff. «I am pleased that we have a strong working relationship with our teachers and that we were able to agree on a contract,» said Superintendent Theresa Rouse. . Human Resources is responsible for initiating, coordinating, managing and supervising human resources services for over 1300 full-time and part-time employees. We coordinate recruitment, selection and job referrals for all new employees. Hr maintains all employee records, works to ensure the fair implementation of board and administrative labor policies, as well as union contracts, and is responsible for compliance with all labor laws and regulations at the federal and state levels. The coordination of all compensation and performance programs and the administration of employee compensation are carried out by the Human Resources Department. *FOR BENEFIT APPLICATIONS AND DISTRICT DUES, PLEASE REFER TO YOUR EMPLOYEE GROUP`S EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT. Dental care prior to January 1, 2019 was not an OPP program, but a traditional program. District 86 of Joliet Public Schools offers a district health plan.

The plan is a Preferred Supplier Network (PPO) and is managed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. A list of benefits and coverage can be found in the Documents section. For more information about the health insurance plan, see documents. Schedule of services and brochure for 2022 coming soon! The two-year salary plan offers teachers an average salary increase of 3.25% this year and a 3.5% increase next school year. This agreement allows District 86 to remain competitive in its ability to attract and retain high-quality teachers. It represents a joint effort between the district and the union to continue to provide students with a quality education. Premium deductions for active employees are made before taxes. When your premiums are deducted before taxes, it usually reduces your state and federal tax liability and maximizes your net payment. Downloadable PDF books for individual grades with all Illinois BAM learning standards provide online access to health and wellness information and, if applicable, your plan, the option: Dental care after January 1, 2019 is a PPO program. All health care plans must provide a benefit coverage schedule (SBC) to health plan members and beneficiaries upon open registration.

Employees, members and beneficiaries can access the District Health Insurance Plan CBS, located in the Documents section or by clicking below. Did you know that you can sign up for Blue Cross Blue Shield and get answers to a number of your questions? The ministry`s goals are to attract an effective workforce to the district, develop employees for their potential, and retain staff for the long term. The School Inspection Board of Joliet Public Schools School District 86 approved Wednesday night a new three-year contract for Joliet #86 School Related Personnel Council, American Federation of Teachers, Local 604. The three-year salary plan provides for an average salary increase of 3.5% per contract year. To obtain an eligible certificate of coverage, please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield directly using the phone number on the back of your insurance card. .